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Christian Ministry Major

Christian Ministry degrees

The Christian Ministries Department believes sound biblical doctrine is to be valued. Through a partnership of the faculty, we seek evidence of the holistic development of students. We seek to send out students seeking an intrinsically motivated ministry conducted from a "fire in the belly." We seek to fulfill the mission of the college by educating students in the most effective and culturally sensitive methods, enriching their sense of ministry, and equipping them with appropriate skills.

Students enrolled in the Christian Ministry major will have a wide variety of degree options that will allow them to tailor their education to match their spiritual gifts and ministry calling. The Christian Ministry major (36 hours) is comprised of  a Foundational Core (12 hours), and each student can select either one emphasis (12 hours) and two tracks (6 hours each) or two emphases. Emphasis options include:  Chaplaincy, Children, Counseling, Family, Intercultural Studies, Pastoral, Spiritual Formation, Worship, or Youth. Track options can be selected from: Bible/Theology, Christian Education, Children’s, Directed Field Experience, Family, Intercultural Studies, Pastoral, Spiritual Formation, Worship Leading, Worship Theology, or Youth.

Combining these emphasis and track options provide students with a wide variety of opportunities for ministry preparation, for example:

1) A student wanting to do youth ministry in a cross-cultural environment might choose the youth ministry emphasis with an intercultural studies track and add the additional DFE track for more “in-country” experience.

Curriculum Sample

2) A student who is considering Children’s ministry could choose the Children’s Ministry emphasis with the Spiritual Formation and Family tracks.

Curriculum Sample

3) Students seeking to prepare for full time pulpit ministry might choose the pastoral emphasis with the Pastoral and Bible/Theology tracks.

Curriculum Sample

4) Students who want to work with families but also have a passion and gift for leading worship might choose the Family and Worship emphases.

Curriculum Sample

These examples are designed to demonstrate the mulitudes of combinations that can be created within the program to meet ministry passions and spiritual gifts. For more information, see the curriculum guides below.

Curriculum and Suggested course sequences:

B.S. Bible and Leadership, Christian Ministry Major (.pdf)
B.A. Bible and Leadership, Christian Ministry Major (.pdf)