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Student Ambassadors


Ambassadors of Manhattan Christian College are an important leadership and service-based organization of the college. Their love of the college and her mission help them share the MCC story with alumni and friends of the college. These students represent MCC at churches and functions around the Midwest. 

Please contact Ambassadors Coordinator GenaeDenver at or 785-539-3571 to schedule an ambassador visit for the 2017-2018 school year!


Name: Collin Schlotfeldt

CollinS.jpgSchool Year: Senior
Home Town: Center Point, IA. 
Major/Minor: Worship MInistry and Intercultural Studies with Social Justice

My aspirations (goals, vision): I hope to work in long-term missions with Spanish-speaking people, but mainly I pray that I am obedient to the Lord's calling. 
My inspiration (heroes, models): My parents, MCC professors, my peers, and Jesus Christ.
How I got to MCC: I was recruited by a camp team. I visited the college and haven't turned back!
What I’ve learned: A sentence cannot express how much I have learned about life, myself, and our Lord Jesus Christ!
When I’m not in class: I find adventure - sometimes with friends, sometimes exploring Manhattan, and sometimes all by myself.
Why I am an ambassador: I love Jesus and Manhattan Christian College!


Name: Alaina Witzke

School Year: Junior
Home Town: Topeka, KS
Major/Minor: Dual Degree: Bible/Leadership and Special Education at KSU

My aspirations (goals, vision): To be a special education teacherAlainaW.jpg
in an elementary school.
My inspiration (heroes, models): Adjunct Prof. Bobby Randall
How I got to MCC: I came to visit, and fell in love with the dorm and girls
living there.
What I’ve learned: I've learned so much about God's unconditional love, and
what it really means to be a follower of Christ.
When I’m not in class: I adventure. I like to roam around and climb things. If
I'm not outside or doing homework, I'm crafting.


Name: Zach Price

School Year: Senior
Home Town: Phoenix, AZZach Price Headshot.jpg
Major/Minor: Bible/Leadership with a Family Ministry Emphasis                                      
My aspirations (goals, vision): I want to be a family/children's ministry pastor,
and I would also like to work for MCC!
My inspirations (heroes, models): My mentor Jesse Daniels, and my aunt
Cecilia Hernandez.
How I got to MCC: Through the alumni on staff at my home church.
What I've learned: MCC is my family; this is my home.
When I'm not in class: I love to socialize, drink coffee, encourage others,
and it's fun to fulfill the duties of the MCC Mascot!
Why I am an ambassador: To represent MCC and how it has impacted my life. I am very excited to get others to come to MCC and to show my love for the school.


Name: Jenette Follmer

School Year: SeniorJenetteF.jpg
Home Town:Earlham, IA
My aspirations (goals, vision): My goal in everything I do is to proclaim the name of Jesus. My greatest dream is to have a story worth telling. 
My inspiration (heroes, models): My grandparents, parents, and siblings are all people I admire. They inspire me to learn from them and to be the best I can be. 
How I got to MCC: My parents are MCC alumni. MCC also offered the best program for me and I saw the most potential on campus.
What I’ve learned: I have learned so much about academics, laundry, and friends. I have learned that even with newfound independence, I can depend completely and solely on God.
When I’m not in class: I can be found with a book, hiking around city park, or spending time
with amazing friends.
Why I am an ambassador: I am an ambassador because I love MCC and am thrilled to represent
it, but more importantly because I love God and want to seek every opportunity to share His love.