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Job Postings

The following is a list of the church and organization job postings.

Post date Position Organization Namesort ascending Contact Name
04/04/2014 Part-Time Worship Leader Forest Hill Christian Church
Jerl Joslin 405-495-0439 , 405-820-2552(mobile)
07/01/2014 Youth Minister First Church of Christ Larry Buckner and Youth Ministry Search Team
06/10/2014 Youth Pastor First Christian Church of Clinton
Jeff S. McDowell
05/06/2014 Full-Time Minister First Christian Church
Jan Gann, Chairperson, Pulpit Search Committee
08/20/2014 Part Time Director of Children’s Ministry First Christian Church Jerry Clark
09/02/2014 Senior Pastor First Christian Church Bob Kirby, Chairman of the Board, 620-384-5472
02/17/2014 Student Minister First Christian Church J. W. Gibson
03/05/2014 Youth Minister First Christian Church Search Committee
10/24/2013 Christian Life Minister - 20's & 30's First Christian Church
Bernie Blankenship
04/29/2014 Senior Minister First Christian Church DeWayne Brown 580-995-4758