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Williamsport Christian Church: Full-Time Children's Minister


20 E. 3rd Street
47993 Williamsport , IN

WCC's mission is to reach, teach, equip, and send, and we believe that it is important for us to be teaching people to be committed followers of Jesus at any age. So we are seeking a godly individual with a love for children for a full time position as Children's Minister (ages 0-12).

Salary: Based upon experience, education, and need.

Purpose: To provide direction and leadership for the volunteer staff working with the children in our church, and to be a spiritual leader and shepherd for the children and young families.

Authority: To plan and execute his/her weekly schedule relative to the stated responsibilities. To plan, adjust, and develop children’s ministry programs and events as an overseer of the children’s ministry and shepherd of young flock.

Vision: To incorporate, not isolate, the children of WCC; developing future generations to be life time disciples of Jesus.

Reports to: Fellow ministers and elders
Accountable to: The Elders of WCC
Opportunity for review and goal setting will take place periodically.

Spiritual Qualifications

  • A Christian in agreement with the Statement of Faith of the Williamsport Christian Church and the fundamental principles of the Restoration Movement
  • Has a heart for children
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the Lord and His Church
  • Demonstrates qualities of Biblical leadership (See I Tim.3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9)
  • Exhibits spiritual gifts helpful for this position
  • Has a heart for the care and spiritual growth of the people with whom he or she serves

II.   Description of Responsibilities

  1. Have primary responsibility for the planning, organization, execution and evaluation of WCC’s children’s ministries, so as to provide quality ministry to children, parents and families with young children, and volunteers who work within the children’s ministry, being involved in the lives of WCC families.
  2. Provide primary staff leadership to the Children’s Ministry Team, (Sunday School teachers, volunteers for VBS or other programs/events for children) and work with other committees and organizations of WCC in the development of the children’s ministry.
  3. Oversee the Sunday School program for birth to 6th grade students by providing and evaluating curriculum, as well as the recruitment and training of volunteers.
  4. Coordinate Jr. Church/Little Lambs through scheduling, providing curriculum, recruiting, training, and encouraging volunteers.
  5. Plan Sunday night Youth Group meetings for elementary age students.
  6. Oversee the Awana Program on Wednesday nights. 
  7. Direct VBS, or seek to find others to work with as directors. As VBS director, promote WCC’s VBS in our church and community, organize a volunteer staff, oversee the duties of the volunteer staff, conduct planning meetings.
  8. Organize, plan, promote, and/or participate in outings and events for children. Participate with HRCA, either heading up or helping out a week of camp.

III.   Work Relationships

  1. Emphasize and be a part of the team spirit with the staff of Williamsport Christian Church and recognize the importance and role of each staff member in the total ministry of the congregation.
  2. Foster a spirit of joy and loyalty with fellow staff members and volunteers.
  3. Work cooperatively with the Children’s and Youth Ministry Teams, as well as other ministry teams to further the varied ministries for children of WCC and explore and implement additional children’s ministry experiences and opportunities.

IV.   Expectations

The individual should have practical experience in participating in and leading children’s ministry. He/she should have a shepherding pastoral heart. The individual should possess wisdom and skill to coordinate and evaluate current programs and ministries for children, so as to improve the overall children’s ministry of the Williamsport Christian Church.

Resumes may be sent to