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Sanctuary Christian Fellowship: Student Minister


13065 E Briarwood Avenue
80112 Englewood, CO

Sanctuary Christian Fellowship is located in metro Denver, CO (Englewood) and averages about 150-200 on Sundays.  We are in the process of moving to our first permanent/owned facility in the fall of 2014.  We are looking for someone to join our team as the key leader in Student Ministries.  This team member needs to be a strong leader and strategist, good communicator, have the ability and desire to build a robust team of adult co-workers and be really effective at developing faith in junior high and high school students.  We are not looking for someone to manage, but to lead, build/develop and expand our Student Ministries, as they teach, minister and disciple.

The right candidate for us will have a track record (fruit we can see) of being good at personally ministering to students, working well with other adults and communicating with and including parents.  We see our staff as player-coaches, so while we want someone who is good at their craft, we also need someone who is capable of multiplying themselves in others.  Our staff functions as a team, so you will have the benefit of growing beside, brainstorming with and ministering with our Senior Minister, our Worship/Outreach Minister and our Admin/Communication/Hospitality person.

This position will require responsibility in one other area of ministry to be determined by your skills and passions and our needs.  Some examples would be website/media, small groups, men’s ministry, managing Children’s Ministry workers.  You will have input into this secondary area.

Requirements to Apply
- Active, growing faith in Jesus Christ where we can see the fruit of your faith and the impact it is having on you and others.
- Theology consistent with the Restoration Movement.  Examples: inerrancy of Scripture, salvation by grace not legalism, works or generational heritage, baptism as part of the first decision for Jesus, faithful pursuit/daily second decisions as a part of each day after, humanity and divinity of Jesus, current working of the Holy Spirit to lead, empower and direct our lives, etc.
- Resume w/picture
- Last three books you read professionally, how long ago you read them and why you chose to read them.
- Three written letters of reference with contact information
- The openness to us contacting your current & former ministry employers

Preferred Qualifications
- 3+ years fulltime, paid experience in Student Ministries
o We will consider a recent graduate from college, but will not consider someone who has not completed college and/or never been a fulltime, paid staff minister.
- Bachelor’s Degree In Student Ministry, Ministry, Bible or applicable field

Salary & Benefits
- $45,000 plus health insurance

***Please send email with resume to Michael at***