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Revive Christian Church: Family Life/Children’s Minister


1313A Republic St
58503 Bismarck , ND

Bismarck/Mandan Population: 110,000 and growing.  ND added 18,000 people in 2013.  That’s a small town.
Salary: Let’s Talk
Revive Christian Church launched in Sept of 2012. We are now a very young church with young growing families.  On any given Sunday we have 25-50 kids.  
We are seeking a Family Life/Children’s minister who will equip parents in the spiritual formation of their children and provide learning opportunities for children ages birth – 6th grade. You must have some experience working with children and families. We hope to incorporate the “Orange” model of family ministry and provide cohesiveness between all teaching ministries. This person should have strong organization skills, a heart that bleeds for the lost, a strong personal faith and prayer life, and good recruiting ability.
Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:   
            Provide quality children’s church programming during worship times.
            Recruit and train volunteers to fill various roles in the family ministry.
            Provide training opportunities for parents in discipling their children.
            Corroborate with entire staff to provide cohesive and meaningful programming.
You must be willing to commit to a church that is still in the building phase and will strive to grow continually. This will not be like your last children’s ministry. Long hours, hard work, fund-raising, and exciting times are ahead for you and your family if you are chosen for this position. You and your spouse need to feel called to Bismarck and growing a church if this is for you. If you are interested, please contact:
Derek Olsen
Please include a cover letter, resume and 3 ministry references and 2 non-ministry references.
Also visit for more information about the church plant.