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Pikes Peak Christian Church: Full-time Children's Minister


4955 Bradley Rd.
80911 Colorado Springs , CO

Job Title: Children’s Director (6 wks - 4th grade)
Reports to: Family Discipleship Pastor
Full Time: 40+ hours per week Sunday Mornings/Weekdays (TBD by employee and Supervisor)
Closing Date: TBD
Dept/Ministry: Family Discipleship
Rate of Pay: $32,000 - $38,000

Position Vision Statement:

“Champion the spiritual development of children 6 weeks - 4th grade by recruiting volunteers and
inspiring, equipping and empowering volunteers and parents to disciple children.”

Primary Responsibilities:

• Provide direction, leadership and oversight for the children’s ministry (“Kid’s Ministry”) of
PPCC (6 weeks through 4th Grade).
• Coordinate on the development of and implement a strategy and processes for leading
children and parents into a deeper understanding of, and love for, God, His Word, and a
desire to live a life marked by His love and grace.
• Provide leadership, direction, oversight and care for the Kids’ Ministry staff (currently 1 parttime
position) and volunteers. This responsibility includes clear communication of
responsibilities and performance evaluation within the ministry as well as periodic
reevaluation of staffing needs.
• Recruitment and training of needed volunteers (including Small Group Leaders, Assistant
SGLs, technology needs, Check-In Desk, special event leadership, etc.) within the Kid’s
Ministry. This responsibility includes coordinating on the development of and implementing a
strategy for volunteer recruitment and suitability determination.
• Coordinate on the development of and implement a strategy and processes aimed at
equipping parents to better fulfill their role as the primary spiritual leaders of their children
and to assist parents in the spiritual formation of children within the home (i.e. parenting
conferences, parenting resources).
• Coordinate on the development of, evaluate and implement an effective security and safety
protocol within the Kid’s Ministry. The protocol will include check-in and check-out
procedures, maintaining secure areas, teacher policies, background checks, emergency
plans, and classroom rules and procedures.
• Provide instruction and training for parents and children regarding the observance of PPCC
ordinances (Baptism and Communion), which may include assisting with baptisms on
Sunday mornings and leading kids in the process of surrendering their life to Christ.
• Coordinate on the development of, and implement a strategy to both reach and connect new
children and their families into the life of the church.
• Coordinate on the development of, and implement a strategy to minister to children with
special needs and their families through integration in existing programs when possible/
appropriate and the creation of special programs when needed.
• Work closely with the PPCC Pastoral Staff and Elders.

Key Qualities:

• Spiritual maturity and character reflective of that in I Tim 3:1-7 & Titus 1:6-9
• Engaging and highly relational
• Creative / innovative / collaborative / teachable
• Shepherd’s heart (cares deeply for children, parents and volunteers)
• Passion to grow and lead a thriving children’s ministry
• Strong work ethic
• Humble / trustworthy / respectable
• Ability to maintain confidentiality in a highly relational environment

Ideal Candidate Will Have:

• A deep devotion to God and love for His Word.
• Giftedness to lead and teach (in large and small group settings) children, parents, staff, and
• Competency with current technology used for teaching and safety/security.
• Familiar with Mac and Apple TV Operating Systems.
• Strong organizational and communication skills (both verbal and written).
• Natural giftedness in discernment.
• Bachelors degree in child development or children’s ministry

Physical & Mental Demands:

• Must be able to use stairs and lift and move over 20 pounds.
• Ability to handle high pressure and time sensitive situations with grace and integrity.
• Ability to work weekends, holidays, and outside of “normal” business hours.