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Journey Christian Church : Lead Pastor


3828 Leila Pl.
70121 New Orleans , LA

1. Education:
a. Minimum: Bachelors degree specific to Ministry
(i.e. Theology/Bible/Pastoral Ministry)

2. Ministry Experience
a. Preferred: Lead/Sr. Pastor 2+ years
b. Minimum: Pastoral Leadership Experience 4+ years (Youth, Young Adults,  Discipleship)
c. Strengths in: Communication and Organizational Leadership are preferred

3. Theology/Doctrine
a. Agrees with and supportive of our Statement of Faith.
b. Theology/Doctrine aligns with the values associated with the Restoration  Movement.  (

Journey Christian Church (New Orleans, LA) is a dynamic, externally-focused, church (with a background in the Restoration Movement) located just west of New Orleans in the suburban area of Jefferson.  Journey has a strong vision and track record for reaching both the unchurched and the dechurched, building up believers, and impacting the world for Christ.

Journey’s Mission & Vision is to create engaging environments that lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus. The role of the Lead Pastor will be to build up leaders to accomplish this mission and vision.

The Lead Pastor will also serve as the chief communicator, primary Biblical teacher, and visionary leader for Journey. The successful candidate will be responsible to teach culturally relevant, Biblically accurate messages during weekend services. The Lead Pastor will be responsible for effectively sharing the gospel and communicating the vision of the church, as well as leading and developing the staff and lay leadership of the church. He will also be part of the Board of Elders.

The successful candidate will have a proven track record of working in a setting committed to reaching the unreached with a high degree of innovation, recruitment, and retention of new believers. The candidate will have had experience working as an effective leader of a growing ministry, instilling vision, and mobilizing leaders in this ministry environment. The successful Lead Pastor will have a proven record of being a gifted teacher, leader, and communicator as a Lead Pastor or similar capacity. In addition, the individual should show outstanding interpersonal skills, authenticity, and an ability to connect well with people from all backgrounds and life stages.

While education is not the primary consideration in the selection of a new Lead Pastor, it is likely that the Lead Pastor will have earned, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited Bible college or seminary. The successful candidate will also demonstrate a passion for lifelong learning along with personal and professional development.
Interested & Qualified candidates may submit the following via email.
1. Resume & Cover Letter
2. References
a. Co-Worker (Ministry setting)
b. Supervisor (Pastor/Elder)
c. An individual you have led in a ministry environment
3. Sample Sermon: Video/Audio (Web Link, CD, or DVD) of recent sermon

Contact: Gary Lazarre (