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Gallatin Valley Christian Church: Full-time Pastor


662 Glider Lane
59714 Belgrade , MT

We're looking for a pastor.

We are a small church in Belgrade, MT. We are devoted to Christ and his service.

What are we looking for in a pastor?

Strong commitment to shepherding the flock.
Strong commitment to prayer.
Strong commitment to scripture.
Ideas for growth.
Willingness to be bi-vocational.

What do we have to offer a pastor?

We have a very committed core.
We are willing to do new things.
We are service oriented.
We insist on shouldering the load with the pastor.
We have a house for your family.
Beautiful outdoor setting.

Interested? What's the next step?

Our website is at
Call David Eder at (406) 586-5793.
Or e-mail us at
Or send mail to PO Box 1364, Belgrade, MT 59714.
Tell us about yourself. Tell us how you would like to serve. Tell us what you need.