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First Christian Church: Worship Leader

The Worship Leader will be responsible for developing and promoting the worship
ministry of the church, with worshipng Christ as the focus at all times.


1. Direct the organization and implementation of a comprehensive church worship
program including, vocal and/or instrumental ensembles, drama teams, and
A/V teams. Treating the musians, singers, and others under your leadership like family.
Ministering to them when they are sick, or in need comforting, for any reason, etc.

2. Assist the Senior Minister in planning the worship services of the church. Be
responsible for selecting the music. Distribute copies of selected music to
musicians and singers in a timely manner.

3. Serve as a leader in the worship services, giving direction to the congregational
singing, choir, and other phases of worship.

4. Plan the music for holiday services such as Easter and Christmas.

5. Prepare monthly reports necessary to keep the Elders fully informed concerning
the worship ministry.

6. Assist other staff members in church wide events when needed.

7. Assist in the selection and provision of appropriate music for weddings,
funerals, special projects, and other church-related activities if needed.

8. Keep informed on current music methods, materials, promotional ideas, and
administrative techniques. This would include attending workshops to keep a fresh outlook
on worshiping through music.

9. Maintain a consistent program of self-improvement.