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First Christian Church: Senior Pastor


501 Highland
67831-0355 Ashland , KS

Church Attendance: 50-70 every Sunday.

Job:  Senior Pastor.  The Candidate will be responsible for weekly sermons and usual duties of visiting the sick and shut-in.  We prefer a male candidate.  The community has a Ministerial Alliance and we would like the candidate to participate in those meetings.  

Number of Church employees:  1 (the pastor)

Church is governed by an elected board. 

There is a summer camp located in Ashland that has been in operation since the 1940's.  It is making a comeback and the right pastor could really help with this. 

We are a church that has seen recent growth.  Many who have not been regular church attenders have found their way into our church.  We preach the Gospel and NOT religion.  Christ came to seek and save the lost.  Many people feel very comfortable in our church.  We have had many adults baptized recently and of course many kids baptized.  There is no hint of self-righteousness here.  We are all just people saved by the Grace of God. 

Our previous pastor resigned due to health reasons.  He was a Godly man who preached the Truth of Scripture but was so full of the Grace of God that many were drawn to him. 

I hope this gives a somewhat decent picture of what we are about.  Ashland is a small town in SW Kansas.  We are mainly an agricultural community.  We have a Hospital, a K-12 school and we are the county seat.  Our population is about 850. 

The Pastor position povides a parsonage with all bills paid.  Salary is negotiable.  Our church is a free standing church that is not governed by a heirachy. In essence we would be considered non-demonational.  We have a weekly Lord's Supper and we do baptize as mentioned above.  We are open to the Lord's leading in a new pastor and in the direction God wants to take our church.