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First Christian Church: Lead Minister


730 Quincy St.
57701 Rapid City , SD

Lead Minister, First Christian Church
Rapid City, SD

Ministry Overview

The Lead Minister serves as a spiritual leader and the preacher of God’s Word at First Christian Church. He is a man called by God to live an exemplary Christian life, and to provide vision and encouragement to the church body. He has a daily walk with Christ and seeks to carry out the Great Commission. He uses his spiritual gifts and skills to meet the needs of the church and community with a multigenerational mindset. The Lead Minister is by ex officio an elder as stated in the by-laws and works in harmony with the Elders and other Ministers and Staff to accomplish God’s will for First Christian Church.

Ministry Responsibilities

  • Preaching—Primary preacher at regular church services, sharing the Word of God in a manner that will challenge and excite the congregation to grow in Christian maturity as well as encourage the congregation to reach their community and the world for Christ across all generations.
  • Vision and Growth—Work with and through other people to present the overall vision and mission for the church, allowing others to develop the details. Develop leaders who can develop other leaders that are qualified and capable of reaching multi-generations. Lead the church in reaching more people with the message of Christ.
  • Teaching—Commit to Christian education for the congregation in the form of leadership training, small group studies, and teaching new members the tenants of the Christian faith.
  • Administration—Work to develop a unified team spirit among the Ministers, Staff, Elders and Deacons. Participate in Elders’ meetings and other ministry meetings deemed necessary. Chair regular staff meetings and lead an annual stewardship emphasis.
  • Pastoral—Provide spiritual leadership for the other Ministers and Staff and the congregation. Participate in evangelistic, membership, and convalescent visitation, tending to the needs of the flock as God has given him the ability.

Additional Ministry Responsibilities

  • Coordinate guest speakers with Elders and Staff, including missionaries and evangelists.
  • Provide a monthly column for the church newsletter, social media and website.
  • Coordinate church activities calendar with the staff.
  • Conduct weddings, funerals, and special services as requested and available.
  • Participate in community service activities, i.e. hospital chaplaincy, ministerial association, etc. as available in accordance with the mission statement of First Christian Church.
  • Participate in regional Christian Church activities such as conferences and camps as necessary.


  • Shall be committed to the Holy Scriptures as the inspired and authoritative Word of God.
  • Shall be committed to the concept of New Testament Christianity and the plea of the Restoration Movement.
  • Shall live an exemplary life under the authority of Jesus Christ.
  • Shall have, as a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree from an Independent Christian Church Bible College.


  • The First Christian Church Lead Minister shall be accountable to the Elders. The Elders will conduct an annual performance review prior to the Annual Budget Meeting in the fall.

Apply Online at or send resume and letter of interest to