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First Christian Church: Full-Time Minister


201 W Tennessee Avenue
40977 Pineville , KY

The Pulpit Search Committe of First Christian Church, Pineville, Kentucky, is currently seeking applications for a full time minister whose ministry is defined as preaching, teaching, and serving the congregation and community.  We are an independent church with an attending congregation of about 50 people and we are seeking to grow, especially with young families.

The Minister's responsibility is to provide spiritual and administrative leadership and using skills of pastoral care to meet the needs of the congregation and community.  The ideal candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, prepared to lead worship through scripture with enthusiasm and optimism, and possess the ability to effectively communicate Biblical truths for the edification of the congregation and growth of the church.

Additionally, the candidate should support the purpose and mission of the First Christian Church, Pineville, KY, which is to win people in fath in Jesus Christ and commit them actively to the church, help them grow in grace, know the great importance of His will, and to work religiously with all Christians in the undertaking of building the Kingdom of God.

Please submit your resume and a concise statement that characterizes your current ministry efforts and style, including short and long term goals.  We would be very interested in audio and/or video media of two sermons.

The deadline to submit an application, resume and audio or video media is May 31, 2014.