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First Christian Church: Christian Life Minister - 20's & 30's


200 E Mountcastle Dr
37601 Johnson City , TN

This full-time staff position cares for and guides the 20s and 30s through the 5 Purpose discipleship process. Through small groups, Sunday School, and worship, as well as special events and service opportunities, the 20s and 30s will find a sense of belonging as this position leads this homogeneous group.

The purpose of this position is to develop Christian maturity individually and as a whole in the 20’s and 30’s ministry by creating and implementing a ministry plan in the five purpose areas. Qualifications for the Position:
1. Heart for Christ
2. Passion for 20s and 30s
3. Able to relate to 20s and 30s
4. In alignment with Restoration Movement principles
5. Experience in leading small groups
6. Missional passion

Requirements of the Position:
1. Belong:
    a. Coordinating events to help 20s and 30s possess a sense of belonging
    b. Teaching about and creating New Testament fellowship
    c. Helping this age group to understand the dynamics of Christian fellowship and creating
        opportunities for them to belong
    d. Providing holistic care for 20s and 30s that includes:
        i. Hospital visits to that age group
        ii. Caring for bereaved in that group
        iii. Contacting/visiting the sick in that group
2. Worship:
    a. Hosting and/or serving in worship service that 20s and 30s attend
        i. Potentially preaching in that service when Senior Minister is unavailable
    b. Teaching and creating opportunities for NT personal worship with God
    c. Helping this age group understand the dynamics of prayer and how to study Scripture 3. Equip:
    a. Coordinating small groups for 20s and 30s
    b. Overseeing Sunday School class(es) for 20s and 30s
    c. Teaching and creating NT relationships/groups/classes that allow Christ to transform
        individual character into His character
    d. Recruiting volunteers to lead groups/classes for 20s and 30s
4. Model:
    a. Facilitating service opportunities for 20s and 30s within the church
    b. Teaching and creating service opportunities within the church that model the service of
    c. Administering the F.I.T. Spiritual Gifts Assessment Kit to all members to determine gifts
        to serve
5. Lead:
    a. Connecting 20s and 30s with outreach opportunities
    b. Teaching and creating training for personal evangelism/discipleship to enable believers to become disciple makers.

Interested candidates should submit resume to Bernie Blankenship
( ).