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Crosspoint Lutheran Church: Worship Arts Director


8505 Redtail Dr
60014 Lakewood , IL

Crosspoint (CP) is a daughter church of Prince of Peace (POP) Lutheran Church in Palatine, Illinois. 
There is a high level of collaboration between both worship sites.

Reports to:
Crosspoint Lead Pastor

Ensures consistently high quality and meaningful worship experiences that connect people to God.

Responsibilities for All Staff:
Adhere to all written policies and procedures of POP/CP
Fully support pastors, board members, leadership team, staff members, and volunteers in their work for the Church
Hold regular meetings with fellow staff members and volunteers
Offer assistance to visitors and members

Responsibilities of Ministry Staff:
Promote and carry out the shared vision of POP/CP
Ensure that the strategic plan of POP/CP is carried out in various ministry areas of responsibility through the development and execution of programs.
Develop annual goals surrounding the ministry areas of responsibility and report progress on those goals at regular intervals to the person listed in the “Reports To” line.
When appropriate, represent the congregation by serving on committees or boards within the district, denomination, or the community.
Assist in the development of an annual budget for the ministry area of responsibility and carry out the day to day administration of that budget

Shared Location Responsibilities
Assists, confers with, and advises the Pastoral staff in formulating worship and sermon themes
Attends and participates in staff meetings and retreats.
Collaborates in weekly worship planning with POP Minister of Worship and Music.
Manage the church’s music library with the POP Minister of Worship and Music.
Coordinate with POP Minister of Worship and Music regarding the use and scheduling of outside musicians and special services (weddings, funerals, etc…).

Crosspoint Specific Responsibilities
As member of Crosspoint’s Leadership Team, executes team-developed strategies to meet worship goals
Develop Crosspoint’s worship style and culture by:
Leading worship at Crosspoint’s modern music teams at minimum two Sundays per month
Recruiting for, assimilating new musicians, and actively communicating with Crosspoint musician pool.
Overseeing other scheduled worship leaders
Including creative elements within the worship experience that help communicate the Big Idea.
Utilizing technology (audio/visual/lighting/stage design) to support/enhance the worship experience.
Scheduling all musicians and worship leaders at Crosspoint
Oversees audio, video, lighting, and stage design at Crosspoint
Organizes (schedules, trains, arranges) non-musician worship volunteers at Crosspoint.

Prince of Peace Specific Responsibilities
Organize and lead POP Praise Band (typically one weekend per month)
Recruiting for the POP Praise Band, assimilating new musicians, and actively communicating with the Prince of Peace musician pool.

Able to lead modern worship services that encourage participation and engagement
Experience and skill in leading other musicians
Highly skilled in inviting and assimilating new musicians
High level of personal musicianship (vocals and main instrument)
Basic keyboarding (piano) proficiency (able to fill in leading congregational worship, as necessary)

Mastery of Planning Center Services
Delegates appropriately with monitoring
Demonstrates skill with time management, scheduling, phone calling, texting, and email.
Organized and timely with all clerical portions of the job
Able to verbally communicate with members of the staff and congregation members
Able to resolve problems and concerns in a professional manner.

Degreed, preferably in music
Accepts the core beliefs of POP/CP
Has experience in leading contemporary worship and coordinating traditional worship
Demonstrates a passion for the mission of the Church
Is or is willing to become a member of POP/CP