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Corinth Christian Church: Worship Minister


1635 Hwy 81
30052 Loganville , GA

This role of Worship Minister is
1) To oversee all Sunday programming to include music, creative elements, video, and staging.
2) To develop talent within the church by expanding volunteer teams.
3) Be responsible for incorporating Corinth's mission, vision, and values into our music and worship ministry.

- Regular staff meetings
- Review the previous Sunday's services and finish details on upcoming Sunday in conjunction with the Senior Minister
- Follow up with all participants from the previous Sunday - what went well, areas to improve, stories from people, etc.
- Communicate with all participants for upcoming Sunday - communion meditators, the band, special music people, instrumentalists, etc. Let them know what's coming up and reminders of practices, set lists, etc. (This also includes scheduling for the future weeks/months)
- Edit and upload sermon video and audio to Vimeo, Facebook, and church website
- Edit baptism video (if there is one)
- Meet with senior minister to plan out services and events far in advance
- Plan special music and events for future months (Easter, Christmas Eve, Homecoming, etc.)
- Work on writing music and preparing music for future Sundays
- Review equipment and plan for future upgrades and/or maintenance
- Set up stage for Sunday set - also help oversee stage design and implementation.
- Lead band rehearsal
- Audition new musicians and vocalists as needs and prospects arise
- Prepare music for instrumentalists, band, and vocals (including charting, transposing, arranging, etc.)
- Prepare ProPresenter slides, Keynote slides, and review announcement slides for Sunday
- Meet with/communicate with choir director to plan choir
- Participate in choir on occasion, accompany choir as needed, and give devotions for choir
- Continually listen to new songs coming out and make plans for specials and new congregational songs
- Oversee kids' choirs as needed
- Develop musician pipeline (what that looks like is TBD)
- Lead 3 morning worship services - and Sunday PM
- Hospital calling, play for funerals or weddings, counseling, etc. as needed

Interested candidates should download, complete, and submit the job application (