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The Christian Church of Milford: Full Time Minister


201 N Henry St
46542 Milford , IN

Principle Function: The senior minister is to be a spiritual leader of the church. He is responsible to the Lord and the eldership of the church to primarily proclaim the gospel and teach the Bible. He is also to engage in pastoral care, provide supervisory leadership in all areas and administrate the paid and volunteer staff.

Ministry Requirements and Responsibilities:
1. Plan and conduct worship services; prepare and deliver sermons.
2. Work with the elders to lead the church in an effective evangelism program and in a caring ministry for those in the church and community.
3. Lead in an effective program of visiting members and prospects.
4. Conduct counseling sessions. Perform wedding ceremonies and conduct funerals.
5. Represent the church in civic matters.
6. Work with elders, deacons, and committees as they perform their responsibilities.
7. Serve as administrator of the paid church staff; supervise the work of the ministry staff; both volunteer and paid ministers and directors.

The Christian Church of Milford, Indiana celebrated its 150-year anniversary this year.  As one can imagine the church has experienced periods with high membership and worship attendance (>250) and periods of low membership and attendance (50).  Currently the average attendance for worship is 55.  There have been at least three new and separate congregations created during its history and numerous Timothys and mission workers.  The church needs of an individual who can demonstrate his love for the Lord by sharing God’s truth through love to the community.   There is opportunity for renewal of the church by reaching both young and old in the community.
Milford Indiana is a located in the northern part of Kosciusko county and has a population of approximately 1,600.