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Chaplin Christian Church: Preacher


5438 Lawrenceburg Road
40012 Chaplin , KY

Preacher, Chaplin Christian Church
Chaplin, KY

Our church is a forward thinking congregation aiming to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have an established base of involved, young families and are seeking someone to lead us in continued growth.
Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Christian college and be able to deliver relative, doctrinally sound sermons.
Must be committed to Restoration Movement theology.
Preferred, but not required, for candidate to have two years of experience.
A heart for Men’s Ministry is important and candidates who enjoy outdoor activities customary to a rural setting are encouraged.
Must be self motivated and not require micro management.
A family is welcome.
We offer a competitive salary commensurate to experience, parsonage provided.
Continuing education funds are available and encouraged.
Background and credit check may be performed.
E-mail resume to