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Central Church of Christ: Youth & Family Minister


515 North Tibbs Road
30722 Dalton , GA

We are a congregation of the Lord's people in North West Georgia of just under 300, with 6 elders, 22 deacons and ministry leaders, 3 full-time staff, 2 part-time and a high level of congregational involvement.  Our congregation will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary in 2015. We are Heaven bound. Come go with us. Our meeting place is located in the city limits in a residential area next to I-75 at 515 North Tibbs Road, Dalton, GA.
The Youth and Family minister family will focus mainly on middle and senior high students. We have about 30 teens in the Youth Group.  Many of the parents are eager to help.
Office hours of 9 - 5, Mon. - Fri. are expected, with work related or personal time exceptions. This is a full-time position with health insurance and other benefits.  You would be working with a full-time preacher, a full-time involvement minister and a great full-time secretary in a supportive work environment. There is also a part-time education minister. Check our website:  We have a great co-worker environment in a congregation of just under 300 Sunday morning attendees, a strong youth program and several other active ministries in a town of around 100,000 with a strong Hispanic population.
We are located in the mountains of North West Georgia, between Chattanooga,TN and Atlanta, GA.  We are an industrial floor covering center of the World. Dalton is called, "The Carpet of the World."