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Blue Springs Christian Church: Executive Pastor


7920 South 7 Highway
64014 Blue Springs , MO

Blue Springs Christian Church
BSCC is searching for an Executive Pastor to guide the staff and direct the operations of the church. This ministry position will provide a pivotal and strategic role, requiring a leader who knows how to work well with vocational ministers, volunteers, and the business elements of a church.

BSCC is offering a competitive salary and benefits, coupled with a mission that is Christ centered.

Job Objective:
Assist the Overseers and Lead Pastor in overseeing the health, vision
and mission of the church. Oversee the goals and work of the staff. Oversee the
legal and financial aspects of the church. Oversee matters pertaining to facilities
and grounds. Assist the church as needed. This person will report to the Lead

Job Description:

Staff and Volunteers
1. Supervise the work of the Ministry Staff.
2. Supervise the work of the Bookkeeper, Receptionist and Maintenance Manager.
3. Supervise the custodial work.
4. Coordinate the following teams and individuals: Security; Finance; Building and Grounds; Emergency Response; Treasurer.
1. Maintain church insurance policies.
2. Coordinate receipts, recording and disbursements of church funds.
3. Manage building security and safety.
4. Maintain a handbook of church policies and guidelines.
5. IT Management
6. Coordinate the scheduling of vehicle use and maintenance.
7. Implement the Fundraising and Special Donation guidelines.
8. Coordinate the Sunday morning attendance count.
1. Implement church personnel policies including benefits, rates of pay, and regulations.
2. Prepare annual salary ranges for all positions.
3. Maintain personnel records and employee handbook.

Preferred Qualities and Experience
We are open to receiving applications from anyone with a skill set that would work well
in our setting. If you do not meet some of the preferences below, please do not feel you
are disqualified if you have a skill set that matches up well with the job description.

1. Proven leadership – Three or more years of experience on a senior leadership team within a church or organization. Good at building systems and processes, and managing projects. Spiritual gifts of leadership and administration.
2. Big picture orientation – Able to see how decisions and ideas impact the entire church. Able to contribute positively to the making of wise church-wide decisions, including vision casting.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills – Team player. Strong communication skills. Good at working through conflict and finding solutions.
4. Experience in Human Resource management, including hiring, performance evaluation, and disciplinary actions. Has overseen multiple paid staff.
5. Experience in organizational financial management.
6. Experience in writing and implementing organizational policies and procedures.
7. Experience in overseeing the facilities and grounds of a large organization.
8. An appropriate educational background from either a seminary or secular university. An ability to work with ministers and with the business elements of the church.
9. A deep, personal relationship with God, including an unyielding commitment to the Bible as God's unchanging truth. Committed to growing in one's love for God, love for people, and heart to serve. 

Candidates need to submit the following: 1) A cover letter; 2) A resume which includes education, experience, and a minimum of three professional references.