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Bettendorf Christian Church: Full-Time Children's Minister/Director


3487 Towne Pointe Dr
52722 Bettendorf , IA

BCC Ministry Description – Children’s Minister/Director

Ministry Vision: A fearless church with selfless love, pursuing Jesus, transforming relationships, and boldly sharing Jesus.

Position scope: 40 hours a week including weekend services and office time for staff meetings and ministry preparation. Responsible for BCC’s ministry to children and their families (birth to 5th grade).

Direct BCC’s ministry to children and their families through bold and exciting services for Jesus.

  • Direct BCC’s efforts to connect children to Jesus and equip volunteers to provide big opportunities for them to demonstrate their faith and love.
  • Continue BCC’s transition to program each children’s weekend service with large group worship and small group breakouts.
  • Create a fun environment of exciting services, rooms, and activities that appeal to guest families.
  • Design creative approaches to reinforce BCC’s vision in children’s ministry while implementing a progressive curriculum for children in their respective stages of growth.
  • Work with guest services and the security team to provide a welcoming and safe environment for children.

Lead BCC efforts in outreach to children in the QCA through active community involvement and strategic events for families. 

  • Lead evangelistic efforts with children and their families to boldly share Jesus (on/off campus) and create projects that will grow in them a passion for outreach (locally and globally).
  • Serve in a visible, influential role in BCC-sponsored children’s events (examples: VBS, kick-offs, outings, festivals, service projects).
  • Provide regular opportunities for children to pursue Jesus by learning about baptism and meet with parents to equip them in shepherding their children’s hearts.
  • Show up at community events where families gather to provide a Christian witness.
  • Set and reach goals on numbers of children to involve in events or opportunities where they can accept Jesus and be transformed (examples: Superstart, Church Camp, Bible/sport programs).

Transform relationships by recruiting, screening, training, coordinating, and discipling volunteers. 

  • Develop methods that can recruit the maximum number of volunteers and rotate their services (set a tiered-standard of expectations based on level of involvement, prevent volunteer overload).
  • Screen volunteers and organize processes to drive communications in children’s ministry. 
  • Oversee the training of volunteers to maintain a high level of quality interaction with their group.
  • Influence volunteers with effective teaching examples and encourage their growth through personal discipling and delegating to them ownership in the ministry.
  • Value volunteers with praise, recognition and appreciation.

Contribute positively and actively in staff relationships, working together to fulfill the ministry vision.

  • Attend staff meetings, be a team player by collaborating with and caring for fellow staff.
  • Inform ministers and staff of resources in children’s ministry to coordinate with all-church plans/emphases, serve on WIN teams, develop strategies, join forces to improve processes, be available to interact publicly and share the challenges of shepherding the flock.

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