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Career Opportunities

Post date Positionsort descending Organization Name Contact Name
04/22/2014 Minister for Youth and Faith Development or Missional Ministries Second Presbyterian Church
Search Committee
01/16/2014 Minister of Worship & Youth Pleasant View Church of Christ
Eric Bingaman
08/20/2014 Part Time Director of Children’s Ministry First Christian Church Jerry Clark
03/20/2014 Part- Time Children's Minister The Church in South Denver Brad Lenhardt, Senior Pastor
07/01/2014 Part-time Minister Zion Church of Christ Jeff Ward, (304) 496-8563
02/10/2014 Part-time Minister Rock Christian Church Joe Watt, 620-222-2998, 620-221-9076
04/24/2014 Part-Time Pastor Delaware Baptist Church
Nick Scott, 785-284-2000 (Home), 785-285-1811 (Cell)
08/18/2014 Part-Time Pastor SONshine Christian Church Thaine Tomlinson, 785-282-3932
12/10/2013 Part-time Senior Minister Cedar Grove Christian Church
Clyde Burchett, 660-641-2705
08/05/2014 Part-time Worship Director theWELL
Joshua Siders