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Future Students

Early Bird Acceptance

Get accepted by December 1 and we'll send you a free shirt in the mail for being on top of things!

Acceptance Checklist

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Free App-tober

Free Application October

Free Application October for all future students!
If you apply for admissions in the month of October, we will waive your application fee.
Start the application process today:

Opportunities Fair

Manhattan Christian College is excited to announce the return of the Opportunities Fair to our fall calendar. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to interact with exceptional Manhattan Christian College students! If you are looking for interns, graduate students, or to fill full-time positions, be sure to join us Tuesday, October 20, 2015 on the MCC campus.  

See link for more details:

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New Student Registration

New students who did not attend the New Student Weekend in June will meet with advisors and enroll today.

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LEAD "Jester" Cohort Begins

The new LEAD "Jester" Cohort begins the Fall 2015 semeseter tonight.

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Classes Begin

Classes begin to day for both on-campus and online "X-term" courses.

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New Student Move-In & Welcome Weekend








1:00-5:00 PM  Residence Halls Open for Check-in & Move-in
• Women at Kenoyer Hall
• Men at Johnson Hall
5:00-6:30 PM  Dinner at the CC
6:30-7:15 PM  Family Celebration in the Wilson Worship Center (Students & Families)
7:30 PM  Residence Hall Activity
10:00 PM  Residence Hall Meetings
• Women in Kenoyer Hall
• Men in the Chapel
12:00 AM  Residence Hall Hours

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Fall Athletes Move In

Those participating in Men's or Women's Soccer and Volleyball will be moving in early to begin practice.  Feel free to contact your coach with questions.

Fall Coaches
Men's Soccer - Rick Wright
Women's Soccer - Trent McGee
Women's Volleyball - Lauren Sanders

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MCC Recognized as "One of the Best Online Colleges"

MCC is ranked 3rd among Bible college online programs according to

School rankings were compiled using the latest information from the IPEDS and College Navigator databases, both of which are reputable sources maintained by the National Center for Education Statistics.  Each school was assessed by their acceptance, enrollment, rentention, and graduation rates.

MCC is being recognized for its Bible study programs, online curriculum, and academic merits.


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