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March 25, 2015 - THANKFUL THUNDER DAY was a hit!

  • Here at Manhattan Christian College, tuition covers only about 63% of the actual cost of educating each student. The middle of March is the approximate point in the fiscal year when revenue from tuition stops, and giving dollars kick in.
  • We want to say a special THANK YOU to the hundreds of alumni, churches, and individuals who prioritize their investment into the lives of Manhattan Christian College students!

What a great time to CELEBRATE!

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Manhattan Christian College
1415 Anderson Ave
66502 Manhattan, KS
United States
39° 11' 9.834" N, 96° 34' 43.7448" W

Thankful Thunder Day!

March 25, 2015 - A day to give thanks to our DONORS!

Vision 360° Banquet

An inspirational evening to benefit MCC.

This annual banquet brings together current students, alumni, and friends of the college to celebrate what God is doing through MCC.  Alumni awards and student awards are part of the program.

This free event provides an opportunity for friends of the college  to invite others who might be interested in knowing more about

• MCC's mission
• What the college is currently doing to advance that mission
• How the college is moving forward
• Exactly how their financial support will help

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Hilton Garden Center
410 South 3rd Street
66502 Manhattan, KS
United States

Timothy Days Leadership & Scholarship Event II

For seniors who have demonstrated Christian leadership in their church, community, or school. 

More Details  |  Nominate a Student

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Timothy Days Leadership & Scholarship Event I

For seniors who have demonstrated Christian leadership in their church, community, or school.  

More Details  |  Nominate a Student

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Living Trust Seminar

Want to know which states will probate your estate when valued as little as $10,000? Which tax on your estate is 40%? Can you avoid your children being taxed when inheriting your home? Is it true that the amount my children inherit from me can become public information? What is the one and only way I can avoid my IRA or 401K being taxed?

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Equipping Elders to Lead

Bring the whole leadership team for an inspiring day of team-building and inspiration that will help your church be better equipped to meet the needs of the local congregation.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Manhattan Christian College
Jolliffe Hall

Presented in cooperation with Church Development Fund, this one-day seminar will help elders become more effective church leaders.

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Jolliffe Hall, Wilson Worship Center
14th and Anderson Ave
66502 Manhattan, KS
United States

Free Bible Class April 2015

Registration has closed.  If you need more information, please call Brody Bliss at 785-539-3571.  Watch for the 2016 FREE Bible Class details that will be available in November. 

Beginning Wednesday, April 1 you can come and learn more about the Bible and how it applies to your daily life. Strengthen your Christian leadership skills for your church, your family and your work.  This year's class will study Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

MCC Recognized as "One of the Best Online Colleges"

MCC is ranked 3rd among Bible college online programs according to

School rankings were compiled using the latest information from the IPEDS and College Navigator databases, both of which are reputable sources maintained by the National Center for Education Statistics.  Each school was assessed by their acceptance, enrollment, rentention, and graduation rates.

MCC is being recognized for its Bible study programs, online curriculum, and academic merits.

"Spotted as His" 38th Annual Woman's World Conference

Join us February 27-28, 2015 for our annual event. Our conference theme is “Spotted as His” and it will be centered on Proverbs 20:11.


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