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Online "Y" Term Begins

Online "Y-section" courses begin today. These 8-week courses will end May 15, 2016.

Spring Break

spring_break.jpgSpring Break week, March 14-18. Why not serve on a Kerusso Dayz trip?

Kerusso Dayz

kerusso_dayz.jpgEach year students, faculty and staff participate in Kerusso Dayz. Kerusso Dayz is designed for everyone to go away from our college campus and “proclaim God’s love to His people.” Teams help churches and organizations with a variety of work projects, community events and anything that might help them further the Gospel where they live and serve.

Midterm Exams

Midterm-1.jpgMidterm exams will be held this week. Consult your course syllabus.

Last Day to Drop w/o Transcript Entry

Last day to drop a class without a "W" being entered on your transcript. Professor and advisor signature is required.

Last Day to Drop w/o Professor Signature

This is the last day to drop a class online in MyMCC or without a professor's signature.

LEAD "Iceman" Cohort Begins

LEAD "Iceman" Cohort begins classes tonight at 6:00 pm.

Classes Begin

class_sm.jpgClasses begin tody for both on-campus and online "X-term" courses.

MLK Day - No classes

Martin Luther King, Jr memeMartin Luther King, Jr. Day. No classes on campus today or tonight in LEAD.


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