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Mission Statement 

The Student Life Department exist to foster an environment that encourages students to learn and practice leadership, offer a variety of activities for student involvement, promote service to others on and off campus, provided a healthy community for students to grow in spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally, and assist the college in its efforts to recruit and retain quality students.

Goals of the Student Life Department 

The Student Life Department will strive to create an environment of community and relationships that will encourage the maturity of students. Our mission will be accomplished by:  

  1. Strengthening the student’s relationship with Christ.
  2. Educating, equipping, and enriching Christian leaders through a variety of small group ministries.
  3. Encouraging a climate for the continued discipleship of each student.
  4. Equipping students to utilize gifts through leadership opportunities.
  5. Helping each student develop an understanding that regardless of their vocational goals they are all ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  6. Supporting/assisting the academic development of the student.
  7. Encouraging opportunities of involvement in social activities both on and off campus.