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Daniel Southworth - Team Captain


IMG_7441_0.jpgMajor at MCC/KSU: Youth Ministry
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Home Church: Pathway Christian Church
Special Talents: I’ve been learning to play piano and guitar, and I love interacting with people.
Strengths For Camp: relaxed and love team building/ interacting with students
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: Missions trip to China/ Worked with special needs kids in all types of settings/ taught and led discussion for Bible studies in high school
Year At MCC (For Fall 2016): Junior
Activities Involved In At MCC:  Ambassadors
Favorite Part About Camp: Meeting new people and trying new things are my favorite parts.
Favorite Junk Food: Cherry chocolate chips and fruit snacks
Thing(s) You Would Most Want In A Care Package: food
MCC Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 139:23-24  Search me, O God, and know my heart!   Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!

Brady Pope

IMG_7440.jpgMajor at MCC/KSU:  Youth Ministry
Hometown:  Bixby, Oklahoma
Home Church:  Cedar Ridge Christian Church
Special Talents:  I can play the French horn.
Strengths For Camp:  Fun, caring, do not like to frown, always able to have a good time and be serious when I need to be, and excited for learning about the Lord.   
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: Sunset Bible Camp, Youthquake, CIY Believe
Year At MCC (For Fall 2016): Sophomore
Activities Involved In At MCC: Campus host (tour guide), MCC superfan 
Favorite Part About Camp: Building relationships with others and becoming friends with them, also games.
Favorite Junk Food: Chicken nuggets from McDonald’s
Thing(s) You Would Most Want In A Care Package: water, and Kit kat
MCC Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse:  John 10:10 - “The Thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Sheigh Carpenter

Major at MCC/KSU:  Bible and Leadership / Elementary Education
Hometown:  Burlington, KS
Home Church:  Christian Church of Burlington
Special Talents:  Random dancing, singingly loudly (on and off key), swishing free-throws (granny-style), and talking too fast.
Strengths For Camp: My main strength is that I am intentional with everyone I come into contact with; I want to make sure everyone feels welcomed and important. I realize that my role at camp is no longer for me to get to know other people my age, but it’s to invest in the students that I come into contact with. 
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences:  I worked at Hidden Haven Christian Camp for 4 years, and attended there for 7 years before that I went to CIY in Joplin, and I assisted with my home church’s youth and children’s ministry.
Year At MCC (For Fall 2016): Sophomore
Activities Involved In At MCC:  Small group and camp team
Favorite Part About Camp: Dominating at ultimate Frisbee, crackin’ jokes, and campfire worship
Favorite Junk Food:  Hot Cheetos or cotton candy
Thing(s) You Would Most Want In A Care Package: Dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds
MCC Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse: “The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever.” –Isaiah 40:8

Saryn Hernandez



IMG_7443.jpgMajor at MCC/KSU:  Bible and Leadership/ Elementary Education
Hometown:   Tonganoxie, KS
Home Church:  Tonganoxie Christian Church
Special Talents: CPR/First Aid certified, Tonganoxie High School’s 2015 class clown, has a study to dance break ratio of 2:98, can fit a quarter in her bellybutton, she sometimes sings, can consistently make babies smile, is totally laid back if you pronounce her name wrong.
Strengths for Camp:  has this desire to meet people where they are but loves them enough to not let them stay there, is a listener, has a seemingly never ending amount of energy, loves the outdoors, can go many-a-days without showering, doesn’t care if you think that’s gross.
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences:  has attended West Central Christian Service Camp since she was a lad, attended CIY in Macomb Illinois for 4 years, was very active in TCC’s Children’s and youth ministry throughout middle and high school.
Year At MCC (For Fall 2016): Sophomore
Activities Involved In At MCC:  member of Kenoyer Hall Sorority, MCC Now committee member, admissions volunteer, campus awkward eye contact extraordinaire.
Favorite Part About Camp: escaping the troubles of society and getting in touch with the Creator.
Favorite Junk Food: Goldfish (the colorful kind) (there is a difference) (they don’t all taste the same)
Thing(s) You Would Most Want In A Care Package: handwritten notes, Starbucks gift cards, a check for her college tuition, lots of love.
MCC Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 6:26