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Intramural Basketball

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 9:00pm to 11:00pm

  Court 1   Court 2 
9pm Oyster   Fagley 
  vs   vs
  The "U" House   Zoz
9:15pm  serpi veninosi   Black 
  vs   vs 
  Great White Buffalos   Wenger 
9:30pm  Bryan    The "U" House
  vs   vs
  Air - Apostles   Plain White Vs
9:45pm  Plain White Vs   Great White Buffalos
  vs   vs
  CCM   Oyster
10:00pm  Straight Ballin'   Zoz
  vs   vs
  Great White Buffalos   Black 
10:15pm  Oyster   Fagley 
  vs   vs
  Bryan    Wenger 
10:30pm  CCM    
  Plain White Vs    
10:45pm  Straight Ballin'   Serpi Veninosi
  vs   vs
  Air - Apostles   Bryan