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Council Members

The MCC Alumni Advisory Council was officially reinstated in 2011. Our council members come from different ministries and secular workplaces. They meet twice a year, and hold 2 year, 3 year, and 4 year terms.

If you would like to serve MCC by becoming a member of the advisory council, please contact Alumni Relations Director Genae Denver '90.

The Manhattan Christian College Alumni Association Advisory Council Members are:

(see above picture)
Front: Genae Denver ('90) –MCC Alumni Director, Kim Kohler ('94) –Abilene, KS, Terri Kern ('91) –Topeka, KS, Deb Kluttz ('99) –Manhattan, KS, Holly Elsey ('06) – Manhattan, KS
Back: Jeremiah Holcomb ('04) –Burlington, KS, Steve Slack ('85) –Wichita, KS, John Messer ('75) –Alta Vista, KS, Jeremy Eubanks ('96) –Olathe, KS, Kai Blakeborough ('10) –Olathe, KS, Nathan Kluttz ('05) –Olathe, KS

Executive Committee members are: Jeremiah Holcomb (President), Deb Kluttz (Vice
Pres.), Terri Kern (Secretary), and Kai Blakeborough (Treasurer)

MCC Alumni Call: "To live to the praise of His glory"

MCC Alumni Mission: "To connect, encourage and exhort alumni to celebrate our past
and lead by example into the future of Christian leadership and kingdom building."

MCC Alumni Vision: "To see each alum connected, encouraged, and excited to proclaim
Manhattan Christian College and all she stands for."