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Manhattan Christian College Alumni Awards

The MCC Alumni Advisory Council would like to honor select alumni who have stood tall in Godly excellence in their respectful occupations and personal lives.  These awards will be given annually at our Vision 360 Banquet in April.

MCC family and friends may nominate alumni for 3 awards based on the criteria below:

    Distinguished Alumni Award:

This is the highest Alumni Award.It honors and recognizes a lifetime of service to the Lord, the body of Christ, and the world we live in. This alum exemplifies Manhattan Christian College with outstanding leadership and character.Recipient should be 40+ years of age and a graduate of Manhattan Christian College (alive or posthumously).

    Alumni Ministry Award:

This award is given to a former student or alum (must be 5 years out from their last enrollment date or MCC degree) who is making a difference for the cause of Christ by the way they serve others in vocational ministry.This person lives according to Philippians 2:3-5, with the highest degree of integrity and Christ-like character in service.

    Alumni Professional Excellence Award:

This award is given to a former student or alum (must be 5 years out from their last enrollment date or MCC degree) who is excelling in their chosen non-vocational ministry career field.They have had notable achievements and contributions to their profession.They demonstrate high standards of integrity and Christian character in their professional and personal life.

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Distinguished Alumni Award

Harland Cary ('40)

In 1937 before Harland Cary attended Bible College, he was ordained to the ministry.  He married Hazel Frances Johnson on June 4, 1938 and that same fall he transferred to Manhattan Bible College. 

He earned a Certificate of Biblical Literature in June 1940 and stated serving the Christian Church in South Hutchinson, KS.  In September 1942, Harland went to Cincinnati, OH, to attend Cincinnati Christian Seminary where he graduated in May 1943. 

For the next three years he hitchhiked all over the United States to raise missionary support for what he felt God was calling him to do.  In August 1945 Harland moved his family to Texas with the intent of starting a Spanish Bible College.

Colegio Biblico was established in 1945 in Eagle Pass, TX, to prepare workers for Christian ministry among the 350 million Spanish-speaking peoples of the world.  It was the first institution of higher education to minister to the Hispanic people in the United States.  Today, 90% of the Hispanic preachers in the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the U.S. are graduates of Colegio Biblico. 

From 1949 to 2012, there have been 484 graduates of Colegio Biblico.  These committed men and women are spreading the Good News in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, and Argentina; with 75% serving in Mexico, 20% in U.S. Hispanic communities, and 5% in Latin American countries and Spain. 

Colegio Biblico offers academic programs to prepare students for preaching and teaching the Bible.  Students pay only a $60 registration fee per semester.  In exchange for 20 hours of work on campus each week, the students get their education, room, and board.  As part of the academic program these students are involved in local ministries in 30 churches in Texas and Mexico as well as sharing the Gospel through preaching, music, and drama at camps and youth conventions. 

Harland was the founder and president of Colegio Biblico for more than 30 years.   It was his lifetime mission work and the Administration Building on the Eagle Pass Campus is named after him.  The cafeteria is named after his wife, Frances.

Over the years, Colegio Biblico has grown to become two campuses; one in the United States and one in Mexico.


Crusader Ministry Award

Harlan "Sandy" ('75) and Barbara ('71) Sandell

Married for 46 years, Sandy and Barbara Sandell have served together on the mission field for 39 years. The Lord sent them first to Europe, then to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, and then on to Thailand and Laos.  Together they have continually sacrificed their comfort by living in difficult situations, sleeping in primitive villages on split bamboo floors and eating barely edible things such as a soup of leaves boiled in salt water.  They have learned how to live with the local villagers as well as be accepted by them so that those same villagers would listen to the gospel message that they were sharing. 

“The Lord calls us to go to exotic places to spread the good news of His love, and then waits for us to answer His call,” Barbara says.  “When we answer His call, He equips us with the unique gifts and abilities that we need to do the job He has set out for us to do. It is our greatest honor and blessing to have been chosen the Lord to do His bidding, His calling, His work.”

After Barbara graduated from MCC in 1971 with a degree in Bible/Christian Education, she went on to study social work at KSU.  She then worked a total of 7 years in the local hospital and the county social and rehabilitation services.

Before coming to MCC, Sandy served in the U.S. Army for four years.  As a student, he continued to serve in the special force reserves. He graduated from MCC in 1975 with a degree in Bible/Missions.  He was a decorated military soldier throughout his career receiving 15 medals and accommodations by the US government and 2 by the South Vietnam government.  It was while Sandy was in the military that he received some medical, dental, and pharmaceutical training that he would later use in China, Burma, Laos, and Thailand.

Since 1985, the Sandells have lived and worked among the Lahu and Karen tribal groups of Northern Thailand.  Sandy has served as a medical/dental worker and Barbara known as MamaLow (the big, important missionary lady) has been by his side and an integral part of the overall work. In addition to leading Bible studies, evangelizing, baptizing, and helping the locals make a better life for themselves, together the Sandells have raised three daughters and one adopted son from the Lahu tribal group of Northern Thailand on the mission field.  Now they also have 4 grandchildren.

As a family they have taken care of the sick, smuggled thousands of Bibles across the borders, trapped a cobra in the house, taught Bible studies and preached at large conventions through an interpreter, prayed for the sick and watched them be healed, prayed for the demon possessed and witnessed them being released from the oppression, and watched the miracle of people turning their lives around.  To God be the glory!


Crusader Professional Excellence Award

Ron Grover ('64)

After graduating from MCC in 1964 with a degree in Christian Education, Ron and his wife, Linda (the president’s daughter), headed out to serve the Lord in whatever role He had in store.  The next 9 years (plus student ministries while at MCC) took them to Belvedere, NE; Greenleaf, KS; Garden City, KS; and Lincoln, IL.

God used the activities of Ron’s large Christian Education ministry at Lincoln Christian Church and his leading of many activities at Lincoln Christian College the opportunity to develop his gift of administration.  He went on to serve as the administrator of Christian Homes, Inc.; the nursing home administrator at Pleasant Meadows Christian Village in Chrisman, IL, the Lewis Memorial Christian Village in Springfield, IL, and then as Vice President of Development at Manhattan Christian College.

In January 1982, Ron was called to serve as the Administrative Pastor at Central Christian Church in Wichita, KS, a church that at the time was teetering on the brink of financial disaster. When Ron’s ministry began the church’s weekly debt obligation was $17,000 (interest only).  By 1988, the church had sold all non-essential items, reduced the staff size, exercised their option on 20 acres adjacent to the existing property, and refinanced so that the debt obligation went to under $10,000/week (interest and principle). 

Other exciting developments during his 16 years at Central included writing the bylaws for Central Christian Academy, Central’s counseling center, and Joyful Noise Preschool.  At the same time, church attendance grew from 450 to 2,500, the giving increased from $800,000 to $3.5 million/year and the staff grew from 8 to 50.

Ron left Central in 1997 to serve as Director of the adult degree program (LAMP) at Johnson Bible College and manage the college bookstore.  In 2001, Ron and Linda moved to New Orleans to be a part of a church plant with their children, Rick and Ronda and their families.  He served as Pastor of Administration, once again setting up bylaws, budgets, and assisting with fundraising, etc.  The church also established a non-profit center to help the underserved called Building Better Communities. After Hurricane Katrina, Ron acted as “donation manager” and led volunteers in organizing the receipt and storage of 17 semi truckloads full of donations for Katrina victims.

In 2005, Ron returned to Central Christian Church in Wichita, KS, as the Pastor of Benevolence Administration for His Helping Hands.  For the next 6 years his role included the completion of a new warehouse, establishing policies and procedures for receiving and distributing donation to the underserved, seeing private donations increase from $37,500 to $250,000/year and helping establish a Spanish-speaking congregation called Casa de Luz.

Officially retiring in 2011, Ron now keeps busy “coaching “people one-on-one in managing their finances.  He and his wife Linda enjoy traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren.


2013 Alumni Award Winners

Denise Wren, Ken Cable, and Larry Sullivan (not pictured: Dan Mitchell)