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Financial Information

Financial Information for Adult Education


2016-2017  Tuition & Fees

Tuition (12 credit hours)
Online Courses (per credit hour)
Application Fee
Payment Plan Administrative Loan Fee (per semester, if required)
Credit for Prior Learning Evaluation Fee (per credit hour applied for)
Technology Fee (per credit hour)
DANTES (per test)
CLEP (per test)
Individualized Instruction (per month)
Bridge Class (per credit hour) $425

First semester tuition is due at the first scheduled meeting of the cohort. Subsequent semester payments are due the final class session of the preceding semester.

For information about loans and grants, as well as questions concerning VA benefits, contact the MCC Financial Aid office at: 1-785-539-3571,
or the Admissions office at: 1-877-246-4622
or email:
View a brief description of services and types of aid available here!

Application Fee

The $25 non-refundable application fee is required at the time of application.

Payment Plans

1. College Payment Plan. At the discretion of the vice president for business affairs, semester expenses in excess of student financial aid awards may be paid in four monthly installments with the first payment due at registration. Under this plan, 25% of the the total semester cost plus a $50.00 administrative fee is due at registration. The remaining 75% is paid in three installments which are due on the 20th of the following three months. All current semester costs must be paid before enrolling for the next semester. An Administrative Fee of $50.00 is added to the first payment of each semester when using the Payment Plan.

2. Employer Reimbursement Plan. If an employer selects to reimburse tuition costs upon successful completion of each course, or each semester, the student is responsible for the payment at registration. It may be possible for the student to use the employer’s reimbursement to pay for subsequent semesters.

Refund Policy

Manhattan Christian College's current refund policy is detailed in the most recent catalog. Contact the Adult Education office for details: 1-877-246-4622.