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Curriculum and Graduation Requirements

LEAD is a uniquely-designed degree completion program that results in a fully accredited Bachelor of Science degree in  two years or less. Busy adults, who never had time to earn their degree, attend class one night a week with a small group of people who are pursuing the same goal.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in from MCC, students must:

1. Complete 120 semester credit hours in one of two majors: Management & Ethics or Biblical Leadership

2. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above in the LEAD program (4.0 scale).

3. Complete a satisfactory community service credit each semester.

LEAD Student

Community Service

LEAD students are required to be involved in their communities outside the classroom each semester. Practical service activities enhance college experience because students apply what they learn in the classroom in service to others. A variety of volunteer activities can satisfy this requirement.